What do we do?

Revenite helps clients get out of debt early so they can free up money to retire comfortably and protect everything important to them along the way.

What you get with Revenite Financial Services:

Why are we here?

  • We feel happiness can be found in living the life each person is meant to live.

  • The problem is, we have too many distractions: jobs, debt, bills, investments, retirement, etc.

  • We're here to help eliminate those distractions.

  • We're here to help set our clients free.

How do we do it?

  • We teach people how to get every piece of their financial life in balance.

  • We hire and train people from all walks of life to reach our clients. We come from the same places our clients do.

  • We are continuously updating our systems to make sure we're the only place people can find these solutions.

What do we do?

  • We sell insurance.

  • We get people out of debt.

  • We find ways to free up money.

  • We help them save for the future.

  • We make it accessible to everyone.


Financial companies are always going to prioritize the products and services they make money on over a client's wellbeing when forced to choose between the two.


These companies play “tug-of-war” with a family’s finances.


We help families find balance by putting all of the pieces of their financial world together in away that benefits their ultimate good.

How Does Revenite Help People Reach Their Goals?


Do you want to buy a house?  Are you tired of paying more than other people for auto loans, home insurance, auto insurance, and more?  Let's get your credit score up!  Did you know that lenders use different 'scales' to calculate your credit score? There are more than a dozen different sets of guidelines!  We can help design a strategy based to raise your score based on the specific guidelines your lender of choice uses.  Who else does that? Did you know that all of your other debt payments counts against you when trying to qualify for a mortgage?  Did you know there is a 'front end' and a 'back end' ratio?  Well we do!  We will work with your lender to get your plan dialed in for you situation! 


We firmly believe that term insurance combined with some type of mutual fund will offer the best of both worlds in most cases. However, we feel there is wisdom in offering other options for people with unique needs. Some clients just want to get their money back if they do not use their insurance. Some want options to keep it going after the initial term if their retirement plans do not work out. Others want to use their policy to grow money protected from taxes and from market risk. We can do it all!


Our program shops several auto and home insurance companies to deliver the best rates and features possible for our customers.  We added Auto, Home, Renter's, Landlord, Business, RV, and more to our offering to give our agents another opportunity to free up money to use elsewhere in their client proposals. 
 See our FSP section for more details.


Through our partnership with Securities America, our representatives can offer many types of investment vehicles and accounts to best service our clients. Our goal is to help everybody, wealthy as well as the "average Joe" and everyone in between. We must do this to stay true to our purpose of getting people free.


Debt Convergence is finding out which payoff method is best for each particular family and implementing it. The client agrees to pay a certain amount every month on their accounts until all debts are eliminated.  We have also developed our Debt Payoff Accountability Program to that ensures a client's success in following their payoff plan by automating payments through Revenite's accountability program. There are many discounts that can even make the service free!


We do not judge. We do not tell our clients what to do with their money. Our job is to help them make sure that everything is on purpose.  We want to help you design your budget and make it work for you, not the other way around. 

How do we put it all together?

With a Financial Solutions Proposal

WWe can help with many areas of someone's financial life. Our goal is to Find Balance. For example, does an investment company care if a family ever pays off their house? OF course not! But wouldn't it be easier to retire without a mortgage payment? The problem is, that investment company wants all available money with no regard to the client's ultimate good.  Does the life insurance company want a family’s credit card debt paid off? Same thing. They want the debt to stay so the client has a longer need for coverage. We can support all of these areas in one way or another to make sure the family Finds Balance in their financial lives. We do this through our FSP or Financial Solutions Proposal. Its an analysis that takes into account where they are and where they want to go and applies generally accepted financial principles to provide insight so that a family can help themselves do better financially.

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